Chocolate Bars and more

First of all, you cannot compare our premium chocolate bars with the ones you get out of the supermarket shelf. The reason is, we use only best Valrhona chocolate and it is handmade. So each bar is an original and our Maitre Chocolatier`s own creation. And he is a real master of his craft.

BELU CHOCO BARs come in flavors such as 80, 70 oder 60% cacao, Espresso, Nuts & Fruits, Hazelnut, Pistachio, Hot Chili, Ginger, Rose and Viola in dark chocolate. There are varieties of 33%, Nuts and Fruits, Cappuccino, For kids, Caramel, Coconut, Nougat-Almond in milk chocolate, and finally in white chocolate, Latte Macchiato and Fun for kids white.


We  also offer


We also offer our handmade chocolate in other formats such as the French style Mendiants. This is a little one-bite-chocolate, for example presented as a gift in a glass or little bag.

You always have the choice among diffent flavors.


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